The Importance of Women’s Empowerment

Recently, Ipsos, a company that provides services in IT Resourcing, IT Talent Management and IT Outsourcing, released a database pointing out that 18% of the world’s population believe that women are inferior to men and 17%* of them said women shouldn’t work outside of the house, being that family and domestic tasks should be the only two things they should worry about. How outrageous is that? Women can not only get into the market, but we become successful entrepreneurs, big name artists, and leaders of large companies.


That’s why female empowerment is such an important matter. This movement encourages actions to strengthen gender equality. Empowering a marginalized social group is a way to help them realize how much power they have.


As the years go by, women are still judged for being themselves inside a patriarchal and sexist society. We must emphasize that when you show them they can speak up about the problems they have, you give them their power back and inspire their freedom.


According to United Nations, empowering all women and girls is one of the most effective ways of reducing gender inequality. If we show the world how powerful and capable women can be in the market, we can reduce gender inequality in the business world, which is one of the many goals of the female empowerment movement.

What are the other goals?

According to the United Nations, demanding more gender equality in the business world, supporting human rights, and trying to extinguish the discrimination against women are some of the other goals of the women’s movement. The movement also fights to provide education, capability, and professional development for women, while trying to encourage them to become entrepreneurs.

Female leadership promotes gender equality, creating more opportunities, more safety, and agency to women who want to grow professionally. If women start to increase in power and strength inside the market, it’s good for everyone as it leads to better social equality in politics and the economy.

The process of female empowerment is complicated, but very gratifying. It allows you to develop personal and professional sisterhood. Sisterhood between women is based on companionship and empathy, looking to create a better relationship, which has been worn out due to the sexist and patriarchal society we live in. When you act out of sisterhood, you realize how other women just want to be the heroines of their own story. Once you consider that, you comprehend how we are more like friends than enemies, going through the same problems and uncomfortable situations. Women are not here to compete, but to help and support each other. Women must understand that together we are stronger and can change the world.

To help women in this process, Danielle Vantini & Mayra Brito founded PowerFuel Damas. It came up as a professional and personal development project established on sisterhood, good energy and empowerment, directed to unite women who share the same vision for the future – a world with equality. Climbing obstacles together and not fighting to see who gets there first.


We follow these values, inviting women to connect and inspire other women. Here we are like family. We can finally feel free to be ourselves and show our authenticity without fear of judgment. In addition, PowerFuel Damas is based on supporting one of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations for 2030. Specifically, Goal #5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

In this community, we believe that we can all be badass women if we go step by step supporting each other. We always say that we are ready to take over the world today and every day. Especially because we are all powerful women surrounded by powerful women. We want every Dama to know that her voice and actions can change the world into a peaceful, prosperous, fair and sustainable place where all men and women are equal.




Flavia Bandoni

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