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Dani & Mayra

Hi Damas,

We are thrilled you’re taking the step towards an extraordinary life.

Our aim at Powerfuel House of Damas is to guide you towards a life of abundance, to help you achieve your goals and live out your highest potential. But before we embark on this transformative journey together, it’s essential to understand your aspirations, challenges, and see if our visions align.

Kindly take a moment to complete the form below—it’s a brief 5-minute investment of your time that will place you directly in our circle of communication.

After receiving your application, I’ll thoroughly review it, jot down some observations, and reach out as promptly as possible. We can then schedule a call to discuss your objectives, explore the specifics of our program, and—fingers crossed—outline the path forward.

Should you have further queries about the Powerfuel House of Damas, the answers might be just a click away. If you still need clarity, don’t hesitate to send me an email at

Eagerly awaiting your journey towards abundance,

Mayra & Dani – co-founders and co-CEOs of PowerFuel Damas

Dani & Mayra

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